One Hour of Lee's Summit | PureSept Bypass HEPA Filter


PureSept Bypass HEPA FilterThe PureSept HEPA is a true bypass HEPA filter just like those used in hospitals, clean rooms, and microchip manufacturing plants. The PureSept HEPA filtration system uses a combination of three filters to purify the air. The unit contains a built-in German-engineered fan motor placed between the filters, which acts as a sound buffer and ensures maximum efficiency. Works with any home HVAC system and provides the optimum air purification solution for those who suffer from allergies or asthma.

  • PRE-FILTER captures large particles to provide for longer life for the HEPA filter
  • CARBON FILTER¬†captures and neutralizes odors such as tobacco smoke or cooking odors
  • HEPA FILTER uses certified HEPA media only that is tested to be 99.97% effective with particles at 0.3 ppm
  • Unit is sealed and air is forced through the filters with a quiet German-engineered fan balanced at the factory for optimum airflow and minimum power consumption
  • Placement of filters within cabinet ensures whisper-quiet operation
  • Each filter is easily replaced, requiring replacement every six months
  • Provides “whole-house” filtration