One Hour of Lee's Summit | MicroPower Guard


MicroPower GuardThe MicroPower Guard air cleaner uses polarized media technology, which generates an active electromagnetic field to charge both the airborne particles and fibers of the disposable carbon-filled media pad. Polarized particles stick to both the media and to each other. This creates a virtual force field within the ductwork, capturing 97% of the most dangerous-to-breathe sub-micron airborne particles at 0.3 microns. The MicroPower Guard is your first step in improving the indoor air quality of your home and is an essential component of any whole-house air purification system.


  • Economical Operation! Diamond screen alleviates “face loading” for better air flow
  • Powerful air filtration for the same energy usage of a 40 watt light
  • Activated carbon in media pad absorbs odors and gases
  • Not just a passive furnace filter, but a combination of two principals: filtration and electrostatic attraction
  • Fits into your existing 1″ furnace filter slot
  • Replacement media pads available in economical 3-packs and 4-packs
  • Each disposable media pad remains at peak operating efficiency for 3 to 4 months before replacement is needed